Version 5.2 - Build 06-07-24
Improved K-factors and Penalties library file management v2, bug-fix to Judge Analysis web page scaling factor.
Version 5.2 - Build 24-06-24
Web Index Page blog option added, dedicated three web-link buttons now optionally On or Off.
Version 5.2 - Build 26-04-24
Improvements to web page templates, Index page features.
Version 5.2 - Build 10-04-24
K-factor + Penalty reference file relocated to enable simpler online updating. Web index typeface size controls improved. Email options deleted for security reasons. PZ management and On/Off setting improved via File > Settings and Defaults form.
Version 5.2 - Build 27-02-24
Bundled sets of 2024 K+P data updated, other minor revisions.
Version 5.2 - Build 19-01-24
First 2024 issue: Many detailed revisions.
Version 5.2 - Build 14-10-23
Access to enter scores for Warm-Up pilots added, other bug-fixes
Version 5.2 - Build 18-09-23
Minor fixes to Team printed report, web H/C handling with percentage ranked reports, Sequence Manager lock changes.
Version 5.2 - Build 05-09-23
Revised X from Y sequences web pages, Judge web analysis bug resolved.
Version 5.2 - Build 21-08-23
New feature selects highest 'X' scores in multi sequence reports by score or percent, minor improvements and bug-fixes throughout.
Version 5.2 - Build 14-07-23
Revised pilot name check to avoid duplication issues, better handling of web single sequence H/C, Disq and no-score pilots, revised handling of each sequence Kmax in multiple sequence reports when some sequences not yet commenced.
Version 5.2 - Build 30-06-23
Web sequence diagram and H/C location in Results reset.
Version 5.2 - Build 15-06-23
Flying Orders Excl and Cut pilot status changes improved.
Version 5.2 - Build 07-06-23
Minor revisions to web results score-sheet structure to ensure pilot photos correctly linked, note in Help system re: lack of SFTP.
Version 5.2 - Build 29-05-23
BAeA 2023 Power Club Plus category and Sky Grand Prix added to online CIVA Results web reporting system, Pilot .csv file Import system improved, web score-sheet time penalties clarified.
Version 5.2 - Build 22-05-23
Report title editing option added for all print output streams.
Version 5.2 - Build 11-05-23
Login failure reports for ftp operations, flag imports improved,
Version 5.2 - Build 27-04-23
Web Results page builds and K-factor saving improved.
Version 5.2 - Build 06-04-23
Penalties Report and Team text-file output improved.
Version 5.2 - Build 17-03-23
Web Index separators improved, other minor updates.
Version 5.2 - Build 01-02-23
Bug fix in ftp upload system.
 Version 5.2 - Build 18-01-23
New 64-bit build / any CPU / MS.NET 4.5. Completely updated software using MS Visual Studio 2023, first issue.
Version 5.1 - Build 06-05-22
Pilot name-length for K-factors data printout and Master K-factors fault detection / error display improved.
Version 5.1 - Build 29-04-22
K's and P's 2022 data import file even further updated, Textfile output from Flying Orders form added.
Version 5.1 - Build 12-03-22
K's and P's 2022 data import file updated
Version 5.1 - Build 25-01-22
K's and P's 2022 data import file updated
Version 5.1 - Build 14-01-22
First 2022 issue: Help system revised to allow alternative languages, new K's and P's import file editing form, Many K's and P's updated to 2022 standard, Team results CSV option and new HZ and PZ reporting option added.
Version 5.0 - Build 02-10-21
Print and Web page output medal graphics system upgraded.
Version 5.0 - Build 22-09-21
Retrieval of v5 contest files from the ACRO Archive revised, safe filename checking improved, null CJ number handling secured, average of no present raw marks resolved to zero.
Version 5.0 - Build 31-08-21
Pilot to mark form layout revised, Instruction to Pilots to check their Score-Sheet added to the printout.
Version 5.0 - Build 26-08-21
Improved HZ display in web Judge Analysis pages, Judge's single name issue resolved, Pilot BC code save bug fixed.
Version 5.0 - Build 03-08-21
Disqualified pilot target and Report updated, Pilots Score Sheet multi print copies feature added, CIVA Unl Glider F/K K's reset, F/U sequence ident letter added to web and Excel output.
Version 5.0 - Build 19-07-21
Minor security improvements, Pilot Registration web list filename and web index page image filename revised, pilots bulk Raw Score Sheet print system and McAully / IAC Free bugs fixed, FPS option to temporarily use Raw Grades when less than 3 pilots marks have been entered simplified.
Version 5.0 - Build 18-06-21
Printed single sequence Results Reports revised to use sequence title, Report and Sequence prefix texts editable in File > Contest Admin, filename sanitisation for chrs(128) and above removed, image correction file "imgfactors.xml" spelling typo resolved.
Version 5.0 - Build 07-06-21
Judge bias ranking by NAT revised, Pilot-to-Mark judging panels check reset, test FPS string valuations during comma decimal calculations finalised, FPS data error check message extended.
Version 5.0 - Build 02-06-21
Sequence import category TLA, CJ identity in seq panel and Judge photo bugs fixed, Sequence Images linkage & ftp fixed, Sequence manager lock change added, other minor revisions.
Version 5.0 - Build 18-05-21
Update check moved to new module, crash form simplified, translate module updated for 48 Judges and Assistants
Version 5.0 - Build 10-05-21
Check-for-Update system revised to fully internal, FPS Pilot Sheets Preview/Print bug fixed, Free sequence SuperFamilies when Raw Grades Sequence is set removed, FPS2 decimal criteria storage revised for comma arithmetic.
Version 5.0 - Build 28-04-21
Multi-category Report output improved, ACRO v4 .ctf to v5 .ctx
K-factors import system error trapping improved.
Version 5.0 - Build 20-04-21
Flying Orders form pop-up guidance system improved, translation of v4 Web Store Folder from early files revised, new contest file teams and levels conflict with redundant v4 data resolved.
Version 5.0 - Build 01-04-21
Pilot import from Excel system logic redesigned, Pilot info check added to ensure all imported data fields filled.
Version 5.0 - Build 29-03-21
Sequence Import and O/all K-factor text issues fixed, SD Guidance at CIVA Championships doc updated.
Version 5.0 - Build 19-03-21
Full v5.0 issue. Minor revisions, graphic item updates.
 Version 5.0 - Build 08-03-21
Beta 1st issue of v5.0 for trials.
 Upgraded to version 5.0 with effect from 03-03-21
Version 4.4 - Build 14-08-20
Fault reporting simplified, Backup file system improved.
 Version 4.4 - Build 31-07-20
Added: Display size factor for high-resolution screen grabs, fix for deleted Results Report in web output system, revisions to file system, improvements to Free sequence K-factor entry and sequence TLA's and titles security.
Version 4.4 - Build 15-07-20
Bug-fix to Pilot, Judge, F/O to resolve first + last-name spacing, mixed Seq/Grp issue fixed, contestfile.ctf Load/Save revised to reduce ext. character issues, FPS anomaly totals capture revised.
Version 4.4 - Build 29-06-20
Multiple website upload targets can now be set. All instances where free text (names etc.) is saved in the data file are monitored to ensure field length compatibility is maintained.
Version 4.4 - Build 03-06-20
The Pilot Registration form has a new Excel CSV file import option to get spreadsheet-based data into ACRO.
Version 4.4 - Build 20-05-20
All Pilot, Judge, Assistant, Contest Official and Jury name entry points now offer separate first and last name texts; the total text length is unchanged: first + last = total. Flying Orders can now have a Version number set. Some minor bugs have been sorted.
 Version 4.4 - Build 27-04-20
Results calculation panel appearance updated, web file creation faster, medals and Report Info and control for Print + Web output improved, print and web report graphic style revised, Judge Analysis marks anomalies improved, Unlimited power Free Known Fig-B K-factor value corrected from 43 to 42.
Version 4.4 - Build 05-03-20
Reports Manager - report title editing bug fixed, minor revisions.
Version 4.4 - Build 07-02-20
FPS/Raw changes improved, new file FPS2 settings revised.
Version 4.4 - Build 29-01-20
Extensive revisions for speed and ease of use for 2020, with revised K-Factors and Penalties data resource etc.
 Upgrade for 2020 with effect from 29-01-20
Version 4.4 - Build 02-10-19
Web ftp Client form-failure bug sorted, web results header buttons reshaped, various other minor improvements and updates.
Version 4.4 - Build 12-08-19
Include / Exclude Warm-Up pilots in calculations clarified, Web judge analysis page FPS 1st score issue fixed, CJ analysis 2nd print page column spacing revised, other minor improvements.
Version 4.4 - Build 26-07-19
Web Index Page long link bug resolved and Save code revised, Disqualified pilot with zero score functions correctly, Print Dialogue option added throughout, other minor changes.
Version 4.4 - Build 27-06-19
File Explorer now includes a range of ftp upload features to enable web results management in typical FTP Client style, batch mult score-sheet Preview > Print page-count bug fixed.
Version 4.4 - Build 12-06-19
Focus shifts to CJ's HZ mark position when directed in Pilot Marks Form. Resolved "Full Team" check-box bug in Web Results form, improved check for added / revised Pilots in Registration Form.
Version 4.4 - Build 30-05-19
Marks entry key-press review system simplified, warning of majority numeric zeros + PZ's + HZ's where no CHZ entered improved.
Version 4.4 - Build 17-05-19
FTP / FTPS system now auto-detects target server mode, opens two separate server channels to double upload speed for > 3 files. Web judge analysis error interception re-applied.

Version 4.4 - Build 04-05-19

Fixed bug with Web Index Page when using DropBox as the primary location to store and operate the contest file, space-bar function in marks sheet, multiple marks sheet Preview > Print.
Version 4.4 - Build 16-04-19
Level quick-change feature added to Pilot Registration form via Right-Click sub-menu to facilitate multiple Pilot Import updates.
Version 4.4 - Build 05-04-19
MS Dot Net version reset to 4.0, Bugs fixed: Web Index logo size, OpenAero figure data imports for Known/Unknown sequences.
Version 4.4 - Build 06-03-19
New contest form extended, various minor improvements.
Version 4.4 - Build 07-02-19
K-factors and Penalties form can now Save incomplete data entry and TBA handling improved, logo bug resolved, other minor clarifications and enhancements.
Version 4.4 - Build 30-01-19
K-factors and Penalties Import system revised to allow Penalties and O/all K-factors to be set even when the Max-K is "TBA".
Version 4.4 - Build 29-01-19
Complete revision of all FTP functions using Limilabs FTPS/FTP system for improved speed and security. Medals per sequence and per combination report can now be individually set. The CIVA Results website is revised to secure https standard using RapidSSL secure-sign control and uploads to this web will now be managed using only ACRO - all other websites can use either FTPS or FTP credentials. Many other code improvements and revisions make the software faster and more effective in use.
 Series upgrade to Version 4.4 with FTPS from 01-01-19
Version 4.3 - Build 11-10-18
Minor bugs resolved in Judge Analysis code.
Version 4.3 - Build 13-09-18
US Team logo (flag) added, web Judge Analysis columns reset, web and Excel output bug resolved.
Version 4.3 - Build 13-08-18
Detection of old non-Active sequence links in Reports secured, operation of other reports after Rpt #1 is deleted improved.
Version 4.3 - Build 03-08-18
Added Up/Down sorting for all tables, web Pilot registration lists include second levels, various improvements to Free-Known and Free-Unknown free and linked figure checking, pilots web score sheets and FPS highlights. Calculation abort triggers have been relaxed, and Pilot registration selection, mixed sequence F/O web report and Sequence Locking bugs resolved.
Version 4.3 - Build 27-06-18
Disqualified pilot management improved and extended, storage of 'Void' marks allowed, web score-sheet bug resolved.
Version 4.3 - Build 28-05-18
Web Index Page glider bullet option added, sequence import K's and P's duplicate listing bug resolved.
Version 4.3 - Build 23-05-18
FPS2 criteria conversion revised to ensure correct decimal char. handling in both point and comma versions, feature to optionally disable pilots web score sheet added to registration form and integrated with the Pilot Import function.
Version 4.3 - Build 04-05-18
Bullet selection added to Web Index system, Index page Save now solely to Web Store Folder, error trap added to prevent opening Pilots Marks Sheet with no K-factors entered.
Version 4.3 - Build 01-05-18
Exploit Design references updated to ACRO Online, FLAGS data fields revert to default if missing, score sheet seq. diagram editor improved, ftp manager bug resolved, App file fetches all now taken via temp folder copy to avoid Win-10 reaction.
Version 4.3 - Build 27-03-18
Bug in Judging Panel Form sorted, O/all K-factors in any order, comma dec. FPS Check-Sheets fixed, other minor improvements.
Version 4.3 - Build 25-02-18
Improvements to Mixed Levels Flying Order Group system., FPS2 recalculation on/off option added, Info button DLL removed.
Version 4.3 - Build 28-01-18
First issue with FPS2, revised 60% Rule and judge AV handling. ACRO Test Contest 2018 added.
 Series Upgrade to version 4.3 with FPS2 from 01-01-18
Version 4.2 - Build 20-12-17
Check added for Results Report score column combinations, web results number rounding format revised.
Version 4.2 - Build 10-11-17
Flying Order form expands to show list of multiple pilot A/c as necessary, entry of complete line of AV's in marks form trapped. Process flag bug in Remote Tablet / Remote Files explore fixed.
Version 4.2 - Build 18-08-17
Improvements to F/O test separation proc, Reports CSV output.
Version 4.2 - Build 23-07-17
Minor bug-fixes to Judge Analysis and ftp systems.
Version 4.2 - Build 05-07-17
Multiple print output, re-file system, files viewer, non-Active sequence handling improved, FPS log files from sequences with working CJ reset, web Free Unk diagram link bug sorted.
Version 4.2 - Build 03-06-17
 ACRO support website moved to
 All other software features remain unchanged.
Version 4.2 - Build 29-05-17
Multiple-sequence F/O Group bug fixed, OpenAero import for Raw Grades sequences improved.
Version 4.2 - Build 08-05-17
Photo list Preview > Print output bug fixed.
Version 4.2 - Build 19-04-17
Flight Summary Sheet and Score Adjustment bugs fixed. Remote tablet system Send/Receive updated.
Version 4.2 - Build 03-04-17
Sequence Import function added, Flying Orders test system and first F/O procedures improved. FileSave debug sorted, new contest file setup modified.
Version 4.2 - Build 08-03-17
Score Adjustment Factors for FAC added, SeqDesc bug fixed.
Version 4.2 - Build 02-03-17
Remote Tablet System - 1st issue for CupNavigator, now with later improvements and minor bugs sorted.
Version 4.2 - Build 16-02-17
Icons completed for all menus, minor bugs fixed.
Version 4.2 - Build 02-01-17
New guidance / message system installed, some bugs fixed.
 Series Upgrade to version 4.2 from 01-01-17
Version 4.1 - Build 29-10-16
Figure numbers included on right side of Marks Entry Form permanently, web index page graphic files transfer improved, File menu Create / Open / Utilities moved to sub-menu for clarity.
Version 4.1 - Build 22-09-16
Option to display figure number on right side of marks entry form added, exchange of Web Store Folder path info between main application and ACRO ftp client improved.
Version 4.1 - Build 30-08-16
Multi-A/c display system in Flying Orders improved, capture of Scoring Director's email added, Sequence form Save revised.
Version 4.1 - Build 16-08-16
Improved Flying Orders multi-use A/c selection system added.
Version 4.1 - Build 01-08-16
New form to intercept sequence type in legacy file results, revised Free Unknown option to resolve identical K-factor sets with different Aresti sequences, Preview system improved, bug fixes.
Version 4.1 - Build 01-07-16
Web target folder and upload monitoring system simplified, web files Explorer shows more complete details of all files, web auto-upload system improved, Help system updated.
Version 4.1 - Build 20-06-16
Revised Individual Judge Analysis, Raw and FPS Score Sheet, Penalties Report, batch Raw and FPS sheets, Locking  form layouts, web Results page appearance improved, bugs fixed.
Version 4.1 - Build 07-06-16
Revised Form and Print strip colour handling / saving, new menu  check for pilots Free Known / Unknown Master Figure K-Factors, added web page refresh option set to 60 seconds.
Bug fixes: Raw Marks with two Judges in Free sequences, web Results output for sequences with no judges established, missing 5x5 gif in Web Index Page setup, Pilot registration auto-sort.
Version 4.1 - Build 11-05-16
Revised default setting for web files upload Include/Exclude flag, void national flag now clears the 'not found' score sheet graphic.
Version 4.1 - Build 04-05-16
Improved Flying Order multi-separation test, corrected handling of PZ's under FPS 60% Rule conditions.
Version 4.1 - Build 18-04-16
Improvements to web files upload Include/Exclude system.
Version 4.1 - Build 04-04-16
Save/Output triggers interlocked, web Judge Analysis bug sorted.
 Version 4.1 - Build 09-03-16
Single sequence Lock/Unlock buttons added. processing of new Flying Orders improved.
Version 4.1 - Build 20-02-16
Form providing display of results calc errors added with optional Notepad output, raw-grades Free Known and web index page Report link handling improved, sequence diagram screen grab previous stored location bug fixed.
Version 4.1 - Build 31-01-16
Web Index Page menu separator, header text size options added
Version 4.1 - Build 25-01-16
Web logon reference system encrypted, file streaming improved, web results source / target folders file Explorer added.
 Series Upgrade to version 4.1 from 01-01-16
Version 4.0 - Build 24-12-15
Sequence Design and K-factor entry systems revised to provide Free Known sequence format, many other revisions to provide full 2016 CIVA championship compatibility.
Version 4.0 - Build 04-11-15
Updated Sequence Design and fault reporting forms.
Version 4.0 - Build 18-10-15
Web Index Page Generator and Web Upload Manager updated.
Version 4.0 - Build 26-09-15
Results Report title change, non-Active sequence handling in K's and P's form, Pilot Import issues, mixed Raw/FPS analysis, sorting of photos for print/web improved, judge names in single vs. multi sequence web reports bug resolved.
Version 4.0 - Build 17-07-15
Judge and Assistant Import feature added, minor bugs in F/Unk "J", FPS Free prog 3rd O/all K slot, CJ's cumulative RI fixed.

Version 4.0 - Build 03-07-15

FPS single sequence Judge Analysis added to web results output, ftp system security update and minor Pilot Nat and Judge with no Nat bugs resolved.
Version 4.0 - Build 25-05-15
Minor improvements to main form menus, bug in entry of SuperFamilies via numeric keypad with NumLock ON resolved.
Version 4.0 - Build 27-04-15
Re-setting of sequence FPS-to-Raw marks handling improved.
Version 4.0 - Build 20-04-15
Report Designer table of sequences has sort option by column, message now added to trap/show 20 sequences limit per report.
Version 4.0 - Build 13-04-15
Bug in Free Sequence Grab / display system resolved.
Version 4.0 - Build 28-03-15
Registered Pilot and stored Sequence handling of subsequent Level/Category revision improved, Bug data reporting extended.
Version 4.0 - Build 13-03-15
PZ Review added to Chief Judge FPS Anomaly Report.
Version 4.0 - Build 05-02-15
Web report sequence headers now with click-button linkage.
CIVA preference indications added to all reporting forms.
Version 4.0 - Build 12-01-15
Thoroughly revised version for 2015 as below.
 Series Upgrade to version 4.0 from 01-01-15
Includes a wide range of detail improvements and refinements, a visual face-lift for 2015 plus an improved and updated Help system. As usual all CIVA, BAeA and IAC K-factors and Penalties for the new year are available via the K-Factors Import system.
Version 3.3 - Build 15-11-14
Library function added to the Sequence Image system to enable stored images from any contest to be retrieved into the Editor.
Version 3.3 - Build 01-11-14
Photo print output bugfix, photo ftp archive code simplified.
Version 3.3 - Build 21-10-14
Online photo archive introduced to enable download of Pilots and Officials photographs for use in your events, and upload of your photos to the ACRO photo archive for use by other scorers.
Version 3.3 - Build 05-10-14
Master K-factor concept introduced for Free Unknowns, changes to results reports raise Web Store Folder vs. Index page instruction.
Version 3.3 - Build 24-09-14
Features added - Free-Unk seq letter to CSV reports; Mem.№ and Chapter data to web registration output. File list now refreshed every time for ftp setting 'Upload every file'.
Version 3.3 - Build 03-09-14
K-factor and figure data import capability for Visio Aresti .ctx files added, F/U sequence letter added to F/Orders page.
Version 3.3 - Build 18-08-14
Incorrect FPS display of PZ vs 0,0 solved when CHZ awarded, OpenAero file import messages improved.
Version 3.3 - Build 02-08-14
Formatting of AV marks in Raw Score sheets corrected
Version 3.3 - Build 23-07-14
Stored Flying Orders display improved advice when changes made to pilot Active / non-Active registration status, password handling for EAC and WY52/WIAC web results tidied-up.
Version 3.3 - Build 10-07-14
Cyrillic character handling for web page headers improved, bugs fixed in Team results if pilot score < 10%, Free & Free-Unk K's deletion and to F/Orders output if no Free K's are stored, Also the Help System graphics are all updated.
Version 3.3 - Build 25-06-14
Identity of Free Unknown sequence selection added to Flying Orders, right click contest file-name removal added to File menu.
Version 3.3 - Build 04-06-14
Email routing revised, web store folder system unified.
Version 3.3 - Build 08-05-14
New feature added to enable reset of support data files to their default settings, bugfix to clarify Index Page generation.
Version 3.3 - Build 28-04-14
Judge Analysis colour coding revised and standardised, Results Report form processing speed improved, Sequence Image rename intercept message added to contest rename process, bugfix to F/Order Copy/Paste and Pilot Up/Down table refresh, cosmetic changes / icons added to menu systems.
Version 3.3 - Build 07-04-14
New feature added to Judge Analysis has RI elements cumulated by nation to display a graduated summary of overall bias. Bugfix to single Pilot/class presentation in Pilot-to-Score form sorted.
Version 3.3 - Build 25-03-14
Pilots/country added to Overall CJ Analysis sheet per CIVA FPS Group suggestion; Individual Judge Analysis RI sheet now has Pilots of Judge country boxed and Hi-Lo bias info column. Bugfix to 1st Pilot registration process, Sequence Image grab improved.
Version 3.3 - Build 09-03-14
New feature added to identify and copy all contest-related data and image files to an alternate target, eg. a memory stick, or using the new ACRO email channel transmit the final contest and all associated files to Exploit Design for archiving, and/or to obtain help and advice and where necessary resolve problems.
Version 3.3 - Build 27-02-14
Major new feature adds mini Sequence Diagram Image to Pilots Raw and FPS web pop-up Score Sheets via on-screen grabber. Works with Visio Aresti, OpenAero, pdf, GIF, any original source.
Version 3.3 - Build 03-02-14
New Free Unknown sequence K's and Figure Codes entry method added using Seq Ident letter combo; bugfix in Reports Designer.
Version 3.3 - Build 13-01-14
H/C and Ind Pilot options extended to 3 for all Results Output:
1.'To bottom', 2. 'Within' and 3. 'Not shown' in every table
Upgrade to v3.3 for 2014 - starting with Build 09-01-14
Fully CIVA compliant for 2014. New Flying Orders system with single Sequence and mixed-Level Groups, improved web / ftp module allows broken session re-start, revised Help System pages directly linked to each form, full range of 2014 importable CIVA, BAeA and IAC sequence K-Factors and Penalty sets.
Version 3.2 - Build 02-11-13
Improvements introduced during US-Nationals and WAC-2013,
FTP system development to allow direct resumption of halted uploads, improvements to hand-entered Flying Orders system.
Version 3.2 - Build 16-09-13
After EAAC: F/Order multi-used A/c identities fixed, 'F' key option added to mixed F/Order, 'Pilot to Mark' form has mixed F/Order selection added; in reports Disqualified and unmarked Pilots are clearly shown, and combining of score columns with identical sequence headers improved; the IOC flag system is restored, and the Mixed Levels marks entry system has improved F/Order feed.
Version 3.2 - Build 29-07-13
Comprehensive "Scorers Basic Guide for using ACRO at CIVA Championships" link added to File menu, other minor revisions.
Version 3.2 - Build 23-07-13
Key staff flags always blank, detailed penalties option added for all Raw and FPS web score sheets, CIVA FSS included.
Version 3.2 - Build 14-07-13
New feature: Auto-entry of Free Unknown K's and Figure Codes by copying data from initial sequence entered. Free Unknown sequences now different in Sequence Designer Glider vs. Power. Also Bug-fix to hand entry of Flying Orders from external list.
Version 3.2 - Build 28-06-13
New feature: Mixed level Flying Orders, providing total flexibility to create multi-sequence F/Orders using mixed level Groups. Also some national flag ISA designations have been updated.
 Version 3.2 - Build 27-05-13
OpenAero import mod: add total K and handle null figure info
Version 3.2 - Build 21-05-13
New feature: Read/Import figure data from "filename.seq" OpenAero sequence design file (wef: v1.3.1 19/05/13)
Version 3.2 - Build 10-05-13
New features: Teams Import, Download & open archived contest files, and the Save / Discard process is improved.
Version 3.2 - Build 23-04-13
Bugfix to Sequence Judge & Assistant Allocations
Version 3.2 - Build 17-04-13
Bugfix to Multiple Flying Orders system
Version 3.2 - Build 22-02-13
Update to "ACRO-TestContest.ctf" file, minor cosmetic changes.
Version 3.2 - Build 02-01-13
Four minute Freestyle timing revised to Mins and Secs instead of totalised seconds in K's & P's form and Pilots Marks sheets, range of other items tidied-up for 2013 first issue. CIVA 2013 style Free Unknown sequences separately identified and Team submitted figure A-J encoding added, Judges & Assistant totals raised to 48, Teams raised to 40, Results Reports drop-list optional alpha- numeric sort, sequence unlock/lock drives "Provisional" / "Final" report titling, web index page data now integral within contest file, Active vs. Passive ftp switching is now automatic, PIN judge analysis lock mode removed, numerous visual improvements incorporated and minor bugs resolved.
Version 3.1 - Build 17-09-12
Post-EAC bugfix for one-sex web reports, new F/Order creation procedure improved, auto-FAI flag option added for Judges.
Version 3.1 - Build 26-08-12
Added: Flying Order entry via keyboard, Voice-prompt for marks entry & checking, Time-Date on all report pages, ftp/www web option, Judge Register form update, FAI & CIVA flags.
Version 3.1 - Build 14-07-12
Pilot-name column width in printed Results output now set to fit max pilot name length, F/Order Team TLA bug fixed.
Version 3.1 - Build 03-07-12
Flying Orders mis-match handling revised after YakWAC-2012
ref: disqualified pilot include/exclude for CIVA F/O trial builds.
Version 3.1 - Build 21-06-12
Main form menu section names revised, sequence Lock + Unlock graphics improved, closure of web results auto-upload system revised, default folder management system redesigned.
Version 3.1 - Build 12-06-12
Auto 'One-Click' web results upload added to Marks Entry Form menu, 'Clear all Flags' to flags menu, multiple F/O bug fixed.
Version 3.1 - Build 25-04-12
Update/Install process improvements, Flying Orders and Help system revised, minor cosmetic changes.
Version 3.1 - Build 23-03-12
Bugfix in Reports Designer, improved flag arrangements.
Version 3.1 - Build 16-02-12
National/Team flags added, IAC Conference Average handling system modified, upgrade/install process improved.
Version 3.1 - Build 10-01-12
Raw Grade modes extended to IAC (non-HZ) and other (with HZ)
Version 3.1 - Build 29-12-11
Process Log system and web templates revised
Interim upgrade to version 3.1 - Build 09-12-11
Full update for 2012 CIVA ~ BAeA season (excl. remote Tablet)
Version 3.0 - Build 25-08-11
Update for re-located Civa-Results web
Version 3.0 - Build 20-07-11
Tablet system first full issue ...
Version 3.0 - Build 07-06-11
PZ's disabled in non-FPS sequences, tablet system developed
Version 3.0 - Build 31-05-11
.New RI analysis page added to Judge Reports
Version 3.0 - Build 17-05-11
Revised new-build download and install policy requires user to uninstall previous version prior to installation of new one, to ensure 'clean' install with no old files remaining.
Version 3.0 - Build 11-05-11
Remote tablet marking system stage 1 (outgoing) working
Version 3.0 - Build 02-05-11
Minor bug fixes: web index page form layout and graphics, and FP Marks Check-Sheets. Remote tablet marking system adaption started but as yet incomplete.
Version 3.0 - Build 11-04-11
Minor bug fix for web Raw and FPS score-sheet graphics.
Version 3.0 - Build 28-01-11
Improved set-up for Free Unknown max-K, Pilot handicap system added via Performance Adjustment Factors, other small changes
Version 3.0 - Build 12-01-11
2011 CIVA and BAeA sequence K's and P's added, CIVA-Results web linkage updated, on-page right-click menu system added, revised ACRO logo for v3.
 Major Upgrade to version 3.0 from 23-12-10
Adoption of Perception Zero (PZ) in place of Soft Zero (SZ) per CIVA Section-6 Regulations Jan 2011. New contest files use PZ, legacy SZ files re-calculate as before. Extended CJ Analysis, Preview improved, Log Files now immediate, Win7 revisions etc..
 Major Upgrade to Version 2.0 from 09-10-08
Discontinued after Build 20-10-10
 Original Version 1.0 from May 2005
Discontinued after build 282-08 / 08-10-08

  Nick Buckenham at ACRO Online